Friday, September 30, 2016

2do Application: To do List | Task List v1.5.4

From a simple checklist to full-blown project management, 2do is a powerful task manager that is very possible that you concentrate on what is primary. 0 complication. 0 frustration. Just awesome to do list you can eventually understand and wear.
With 2do you get:

Projects & Checklists that contain sub-tasks or simple Todo list
Repeating todos with the end date
Tabbed Calendars / Folders for easy organization and grouping
Hide or re-arrange the calendar
Password protection: The key to the whole work or individual takes Calendar
Drag & Drop from the job as well as to Calendar
Intelligent Calendar: Dynamic lists based on saved search with optional dynamic date range
dates vary Powerful search and filtering
Easy sorting by date, calendar, priority, status, title or manual sorting
Scheduling work wear Start Date & Time
Tags: make keyword tag; search for tags or attach contacts as well as the tag
Alarm: Easy to make most of alarms per task
Use Photo to keeping the job you use the camera or gallery
Instant Previews: Preview and edit notes or attached pictures from the main list with a tap
Concentration: Quick switch on your work as well as keeping the 'focus' list from view any fine
Actions: includes contacts or 'action' more info for tasks
jobs Classified
Batch Operations: Edit, Delete, Move, Tag, Share and more
Most Theme: Graphite, Wood, Leather, Fabric, Grass, Pink Fabric
Share Todos
Maximized for an unlimited number of calendars that the tabs with a few hundred Todos per calendar
Backup & Restore: Create easily database backup or restore from an existing each time
Flexible task manager: Wear GTD (Getting Things Done) principal, Franklin Covey, or your own
Far, plus more.
NOTES:Android-to-Android and sync-on-android iOS via Toodledo there as soon as possible; Dropbox and sync CalDAV to followVersus what is in it: (Last updated: May 21, 2013)
NOTE: Update your copy of v1. 5. 3 if you do not already contain partly because small improvements.
NEW: Dropbox Sync (synchronization support with most Android, iOS and Mac OS X devices)
NEW: Background, sync is not intrusive. You will not have to wait to sync dialog disappeared while before using the application.
NEW: Faster Toodledo Sync.
NEW: Scene Old refresh to follow tips Jellybean

Thursday, September 8, 2016

2G, 3G, 4G Network Monitor

2G, 3G, 4G Network Monitor (F) v1. 15. 02
Criteria: ANDROID 2. 2 and up
Summary: 2G, 3G, 4G Network Monitor (FULL)
2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA Network Monitor widget (1 × 1) for:

Rapid network change of mode
Enable / disable of mobile data
Indicate the current status with statistics
The highway network monitor / counter for mobile data and Wi-Fi
Notice if the sign is missing
There are no ads

Applications that do not (watch screenshots to get good pictures, how visible):

Show me the current network status in the widget and / or on the notification icon
Indicate the status of mobile data present on the widget and / or on the notification icon
Enable / disable mobile data with a single tap on the widget (2G-3G Mobile Data)
Open network preparation to move with one tap on the widget (Shortcut 2G-3G)
Statistics show how many bytes transferred application (the road network counters)
Statistics show what many bytes are transferred via a mobile network devices as well as more Wi-Fi networks (highways counter)
Statistics show how much longer the devices in most networks (GPRS, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, etc.)
Applications show that status:
You have to move once after installing the application, if the Widget will not work! Also when you use Task Killer, putting the app to ignore list! If you do not have the statistics, you can disable it in Preferences.
Versus what is in it:1. 15. xx- Design ICS- Notification enhanced- Switch data is kept

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3D Flip Clock & World Weather

3D Flip Clock & World Weather - Criteria: Android 1. 6 + Summary: A 3D flip clock and world weather widget completely customizableFeedback 3D world clock and weather widget
A wholly appropriate 3D flip clock and world clock weather widget3D Balik widgetA weather world is full of features, size 4 × 2 or 5 × 2 completely appropriate digital clock and weather forecast widgetIf you have problems after upgrading please contact us via e-mail widget. The features are: - 2 widget sizes; 4 × 2 and 5 × 2 (for Galaxy Note or tablets)

36 skins to choose from (more skins coming in tomorrow)
Support for external theme packs that contain more skins (theme packs can be downloaded by means of separate)
4 weather icon skins
8 fonts for the time
Portrait or landscape mode
12 or 24 hours with date
Appearances current week number
Current place (city, country) taken by means of automatic cell / wifi or GPS, or specified by the user
Current weather conditions for this place (the state as well as temperature, low and high temperatures and weather icon)
Details Weather forecast that the appearance including:

When local
Sunrise and sink current for a moment
Humidity and wind conditions
The present circumstances, the temperature as well as high and low temperatures
Current state icon
When up-date weather last
4 day weather forecast
World weather: Choose to present the weather info for some place that is not the same in all the world. Simply specify your favorite place and you will have speedily and current weather info updated.
Refresh with a choke point or weather widget
The launch up to four applications are not the same as knocking is not the same widget hotspots (entirely disconnected users)
The widget can be fully in accordance with the selection:

Select the widget and weather icons skin
Select text color for the moment, am / pm sign, date, location, current weather conditions, the current temperature as well as the hi / lo temperature
Appearance shadow at a time
Select the font for the time
Appearance 12 or 24 hour time with optional AM / PM indicator (if 12 hour format)
Beep every hour (optional)
Specify the format to display the date
Appearance at the place were taken by hand instead of when the phone
Optional presenting or hide specific elements of the widget (background panel, background flaps, knobs, date panel and hi / lo temperature)
Wear a time to deliver weather information or to make sure the place you want
Obtain up-date point of the network (cell / WiFi) or your GPS
Values ​​Appearance temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Optionally present further alarm (under an hour)
Specify automatic weather refresh period (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 hours)
Enter a world where your favorite to see the local time, the weather today as well as weather info
Up-date weather on WiFi and / or GPRS
Choose whether you want to update the time roaming or not
Play notification tone in place as well as turnover and weather updates
Decide what applications to start when choke hours
The launch another application and choke on weekdays or months
Optional bring the level of battery
Specify how received up-date the place (how often and how much a lot of distance)
Determine alternate weather forecast service IMPORTANT !!!
It is a widget, not an app. To install it, please refer to monitor for help when you run it. There are also links to videos that show step install it. - If you use a job killer exclude the widget from you have problems with the weather forecast does not look like it should, please do this:
- Tap the minutes on the widget to go to the preparation- Tap Weather & the drafting- Bhs Tap Weather forecast and decide EnglishTo
Celsius Fahrenheit do not wear it:
- Tap the minutes on the widget to go to the preparation- Tap Weather & the drafting- Check temperature on the Celsius selection

Sunday, August 28, 2016

3D Home Launcher Android

3D Home v0.14.6.1281 - This is a launcher for android, will make your home more elegant and sophisticated.
Criteria: Android 4. 0+
Summary: If you want a real 3D launcher with their many amazing 3D effects and tons of cool 3D application object, no longer visible from Borqs' 3D Home for Android! The launcher has a cool 3D animation, 3D page home screen, 3D widgets, icons 3D applications as well as many more that are also going to make you go.
3D Home introduces a new look and interactive 3D on your Android homescreen - our new dazzling 3D Home helps you organize and manage your Android devices through a new and exciting way! 3D Home is also very appropriate, very likely you are to make a launcher. We completely unique and personal cover you will find a new world as well as acquire pure 3D UI experience there.

3D homescreen walls and objects for launching applications
Easy steps to regulate the whole application as well as faster application launch
Strength Powerful customization for themes, objects and more
Many applications of 3D object swapping traditional icons, for example - Contacts, Phone, Camera, Calendar, Browser, and TV!
Looking to get the weather report in the ceiling 3D 3D Your Home
Slick and smooth 3D animation effects
Versus what is in it:

Support collision detection in the application icon wall
Make improvements to some of the problems of 2D widgets and shortcuts
Fix partly random ability gossip close