Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3D Flip Clock & World Weather

3D Flip Clock & World Weather - Criteria: Android 1. 6 + Summary: A 3D flip clock and world weather widget completely customizableFeedback 3D world clock and weather widget
A wholly appropriate 3D flip clock and world clock weather widget3D Balik widgetA weather world is full of features, size 4 × 2 or 5 × 2 completely appropriate digital clock and weather forecast widgetIf you have problems after upgrading please contact us via e-mail widget. The features are: - 2 widget sizes; 4 × 2 and 5 × 2 (for Galaxy Note or tablets)

36 skins to choose from (more skins coming in tomorrow)
Support for external theme packs that contain more skins (theme packs can be downloaded by means of separate)
4 weather icon skins
8 fonts for the time
Portrait or landscape mode
12 or 24 hours with date
Appearances current week number
Current place (city, country) taken by means of automatic cell / wifi or GPS, or specified by the user
Current weather conditions for this place (the state as well as temperature, low and high temperatures and weather icon)
Details Weather forecast that the appearance including:

When local
Sunrise and sink current for a moment
Humidity and wind conditions
The present circumstances, the temperature as well as high and low temperatures
Current state icon
When up-date weather last
4 day weather forecast
World weather: Choose to present the weather info for some place that is not the same in all the world. Simply specify your favorite place and you will have speedily and current weather info updated.
Refresh with a choke point or weather widget
The launch up to four applications are not the same as knocking is not the same widget hotspots (entirely disconnected users)
The widget can be fully in accordance with the selection:

Select the widget and weather icons skin
Select text color for the moment, am / pm sign, date, location, current weather conditions, the current temperature as well as the hi / lo temperature
Appearance shadow at a time
Select the font for the time
Appearance 12 or 24 hour time with optional AM / PM indicator (if 12 hour format)
Beep every hour (optional)
Specify the format to display the date
Appearance at the place were taken by hand instead of when the phone
Optional presenting or hide specific elements of the widget (background panel, background flaps, knobs, date panel and hi / lo temperature)
Wear a time to deliver weather information or to make sure the place you want
Obtain up-date point of the network (cell / WiFi) or your GPS
Values ​​Appearance temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Optionally present further alarm (under an hour)
Specify automatic weather refresh period (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 hours)
Enter a world where your favorite to see the local time, the weather today as well as weather info
Up-date weather on WiFi and / or GPRS
Choose whether you want to update the time roaming or not
Play notification tone in place as well as turnover and weather updates
Decide what applications to start when choke hours
The launch another application and choke on weekdays or months
Optional bring the level of battery
Specify how received up-date the place (how often and how much a lot of distance)
Determine alternate weather forecast service IMPORTANT !!!
It is a widget, not an app. To install it, please refer to monitor for help when you run it. There are also links to videos that show step install it. - If you use a job killer exclude the widget from you have problems with the weather forecast does not look like it should, please do this:
- Tap the minutes on the widget to go to the preparation- Tap Weather & the drafting- Bhs Tap Weather forecast and decide EnglishTo
Celsius Fahrenheit do not wear it:
- Tap the minutes on the widget to go to the preparation- Tap Weather & the drafting- Check temperature on the Celsius selection

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